Denise Mason, North Carolina


Ms. Denise Mason owns Goshen Farms, a 2,400-sow farrow-to-wean farm that markets 65,000 hogs annually. Goshen Farms is near Mount Olive, North Carolina. She currently serves on the North Carolina Pork Council and is a part of the Swine Management Advisory Committee at a local community college. Mason is a Pork Quality Assurance® Plus and Transport Quality Assurance® advisor in addition to being an Operation Main Street speaker.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Ms. Denise Mason believes part of the National Pork Board’s role is to inform producers about new technology and innovation, especially to those who otherwise lack access to such important information. She is a strong proponent of applying technology to improving sustainability and supporting efforts to protect the environment. Denise is well-connected in the industry and believes that the National Pork Board has a role in sharing information with producers about the programs that can help them in their day-to-day work.

We CareSM Ethical Principles

Through her strong personal advocacy, Denise exemplifies the We Care ethical principles in her everyday life. If elected to the National Pork Board, Denise says she will leverage her position to speak out on misinformation within the industry. She’s already shown skill in this type of activity; outside of her work at Maxwell Foods, she is an Operation Main Street speaker and advocate for the pork industry.

Leadership Skills

Through her work in the industry, Denise has developed valuable leadership skills, especially relating to her ability to collaborate with others. In conversation, she is patient and hears others out. She believes in listening to glean all team members’ perspectives, showing respect toward all parties involved and speaking with complete transparency. Denise is willing to listen in a team setting and is always open to hear other opinions and viewpoints.

Communication Skills

Denise understands the importance of communication. She’s skilled in how and what to communicate for the betterment of the overall pork industry. She strives to always learn from mistakes and continuously improve. She works hard at breaking down barriers between producers and consumers; she listens to concerns and then addresses them through education to share the story of today’s pork industry. Denise is a natural, creative communicator.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Denise has a passion for the pork industry, from working with the animals to advocating and sharing the industry’s story with consumers. She is committed to the industry, growing her skillset and experience, and helping others develop a strong understanding of the work producers do.

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