Dr. Gordon Spronk, Minnesota


Dr. Gordon Spronk is a partner in a generational farrow-to-finish and cropping operation, Spronk Brothers III, based in Pipestone, Minnesota. Spronk Brothers III markets over 275,000 pigs per year. The operation also has over 3,000 acres of corn and soybeans. Spronk has been active in the pork industry, serving on several National Pork Board (NPB) and National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) committees and task forces. A few examples include the Animal Health Committee (2014-2019), African Swine Fever Task Force (2018-2020), African Swine Fever Working Group (2020-2021), Sow Lifetime Oversight Committee (2012-2017) and Genetic Evaluation Committee (1993-2002). He most recently served on NPPC’s Board of Directors from 2018-2022. He is currently involved with the U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan (2021).

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Dr. Gordon Spronk is a progressive pork producer who has been actively involved domestically for decades and is also an international leader and ambassador for U.S. pork. He is a veterinarian who is involved in production and has business expertise. Spronk understands the responsibilities of the Pork Act and Order.

We Care®

Spronk lives and breathes the We Care® principles. He embraces the Checkoff-funded On-Farm Sustainability Report as a tool for his farm to measure and report key metrics like CO2 sequestration and manure nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) values. His favorite principle is community because it is the most fun; he believes the most important principle is food safety.


Spronk has been a state and national leader in the U.S. pork industry, along with participating on numerous task forces and committees. He envisions a cohesive and collaborative culture with NPPC and NPB boards, staff and producers.


When communicating, especially in conflict, Spronk’s path is clear, consistent and direct to those who can act. If there’s a problem, it starts with communication and asking the right questions for alignment. In meetings, he is an active participant and comes fully prepared with notes in hand.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Spronk’s commitment to agriculture is rooted in generations before him, with his passion for agriculture coming from his father and education from his mother. His commitment is second to none, and he encourages future generations to continue progressing. His love for the industry extends to the product, as he enjoys pork’s versatility in cooking methods and flavors.

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