J. B. Chapman, Colorado


Mr. J. B. Chapman is the owner and operator of Legacy Genetics near Craig, Colorado. Legacy Genetics is a 16-sow farrow-to-finish and farrow-to-feeder pig farm marketing 320 hogs annually. Additionally, Legacy Genetics is a seedstock producer. Chapman has served on the Colorado Pork Producers Council since 2015. He has also served on numerous committees on the national level for National Pork Board and National Pork Producers Council. He is involved with various youth organizations, such as the National Junior Swine Association and the National FFA Alumni Association. Chapman is also a member of Rotary International, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and is actively involved in his local church.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Mr. J. B. Chapman understands many sides of the pork industry. He believes the National Pork Board has a role in conducting outreach to forge lasting connections between producers and consumers. He sees technology as a key tool in accomplishing that goal and knows industry-wide openness to innovation and technology adoption will help the industry evolve and move forward positively. He sees the National Pork Board as being on the cutting edge of that technological evolution to better the pork industry.

We CareSM Principles

J. B. understands the significance of the We Care ethical principles and the importance of building trust with consumers. Due in part to his farm’s location in arid Colorado, he believes two of the most challenging — yet most rewarding — principles are animal care and the environment. He works daily to ensure his farm embodies the We Care principles.

Leadership Skills

J. B. strives to be a problem solver when leading a group. He is genuinely interested in hearing all voices and concerns. When there is a difference of opinion, he is open-minded and asks questions to gain insight into all perspectives. He is a great team player, always ready to listen. J. B. has extensive leadership experience that makes him well-suited to work with and lead a wide array of people in collaborative settings.

Communication Skills

J. B. is willing to have hard conversations in order to communicate most effectively. From his experience also managing an auto repair business in his community, he has learned stronger communication skills to convey important messages to teams and individuals. He understands the importance of adequate, targeted training and preparation. J. B. is a strong communicator who is able to get his point across effectively.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

J. B. truly has a passion for feeding the world and advancing and evolving the pork industry. He sees many opportunities ahead for the industry and is excited about its future. He is proactive and sees the value in change. He focuses on those who the industry serves. J. B. has a vision to move the industry forward and is excited about building demand for pork.

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