Jessica Campbell, Ohio


Jessica Campbell is the owner of Carroll Creek Farms, LLC, based in Waynesville, Ohio. The farm markets 300 pigs per year directly to consumers through a community-supported agriculture program, wholesale freezer meats, their on-farm store and the local farmer’s market. She raises cattle, sheep, broilers, turkeys and layers as well.

She is a National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) Allied Industry member (2017-present) and was elected to be an allied industry voting delegate (2020) and allied industry nominating committee member. Campbell is a current Ohio Pork Board of Directors member (2020-present) and an Operation Main Street speaker. Her other leadership positions include the Warren County Farm Bureau, the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Farm Bureau Young Ag Professionals Committee.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Jessica Campbell is knowledgeable in key areas of agriculture, particularly finance, through her experience as an agriculture lender. This could be an asset to NPB because she has a deep understanding of finances within pork production, which can help her spend Checkoff funds wisely.

We Care®

Campbell believes food solutions are not simple, and she welcomes pros and cons in her conversations about production systems. Campbell provides “radical transparency for her farm” by inviting consumers to visit her diversified farm, purchase protein and discuss all aspects of the food supply.


Campbell has local involvement with Farm Bureau, which has a different focus than NPB, but has provided her with an opportunity to grow strong agricultural leadership skills and an understanding of complex tasks. She also has a collaborative connection to NPPC.


Campbell is an active listener and communicates honestly. Since she works with farmers in her professional role, she can speak the language and handle tough situations thoughtfully. She can formulate empathetic responses prior to speaking. She asks questions to drive goals for her customers.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Campbell shows passion through raising animals and inviting consumers to her farm, while also working full-time off the farm. She doesn’t need to raise animals to make a living. She is interested in teaching the public about agriculture and all types of production systems.

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