Joe Weber, Virginia


Based in Suffolk, Virginia, Joe Weber supports business development objectives for Smithfield Foods. As a leading producer and processor, Smithfield Foods markets 19 million pigs with its nearly 940,000 sows. Within the industry, Weber served on the Virginia Pork Council (2004-2012), volunteered with National Pork Board’s (NPB) Strategic Planning Committee (2019) and was on NPB’s Trade Committee (2010-2013). Additionally, he has collaborated with North American Meat Institute on its USDA Mandatory Price Reporting Pork Development Committee and with National Pork Producers Council on its Packer Processor Committee.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Joe Weber has years of experience within the industry, participating in task forces and committees on the state and national level. While he doesn’t work directly with pigs in his current role, his understanding of business management, customers and supply chain is an asset. He is knowledgeable about international and domestic marketing.

We Care®

Weber believes We Care® is the cornerstone for producing pork. He understands how these factors can promote a producers’ freedom to operate and knows that customers and consumers are asking about these commitments. He believes that the high Pork Quality Assurance Plus® and Transport Quality Assurance® standards producers have established resonate with consumers, and that the common swine industry audit is the next step in that proof.


Weber’s leadership involves extensive collaboration and problem solving with executive and business-orientated individuals. On the local level, he has served on the Virginia Pork Council. He believes it takes skills of all kinds to develop a team. He seeks to champion smaller producers in Virginia to improve trust and image for customers.


Weber ensures his communication style is clear, concise and transparent, and listens intently to others. He is in tune with industry initiatives and believes all producers should have access to innovative and efficient technology for their operations. Communication about these resources could come from NPB.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Weber wants to be in front of the next challenge for the industry, and in tune with industry perspectives. Pork has “gotten in his blood” with his passion and drive to elevate producer priorities. He enjoys the dynamics of commodity organizations. He likes a fast-paced life, and he seeks to be a problem-solver on behalf of nationwide producers.

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