Mark McLeod, South Carolina


Mr. Mark McLeod is the owner and operator of A & J Farms near Pinewood, South Carolina. A & J Farms is a wean-to-finish farm marketing 32,000 hogs annually. He also grows coastal Bermuda hay at A & J Farms. McLeod has served on the South Carolina Pork Board since 2009, including two terms as the chairman. He has been a long-time member of the South Carolina Farm Bureau. McLeod is a proud retired Army National Guard member, active in his church, the local fire department and multiple other community organizations.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Mr. Mark McLeod has served on the South Carolina Pork Board for over 10 years, a time during which he has gained experience with and grown his knowledge of many aspects of the pork industry. He believes the National Pork Board has been effective in its industry outreach on key topics like environmental sustainability, and it should continue and grow these efforts. He believes in the importance of sustainability in evolving the industry and enabling future generations to continue their families’ legacies.

We CareSM Ethical Principles

Mark works hard to protect the environment on his family’s farm. In addition, he puts a premium on tight biosecurity on his farm to ensure the health and safety of both animals and people. Of all six We Care ethical principles, Mark prioritizes food safety. He believes ensuring safety in the food he produces is the foundation of everything he does as a pork producer.

Leadership Skills

From his extensive work in leadership roles in the past, Mark has gained valuable experience working in collaborative environments. When challenges arise, he stays calm during conflict and approaches differences of opinion by first listening, then working with others to reach a consensus where a conflict once existed. He prioritizes the best interests of the entire team whenever collaborating with others.

Communication Skills

Mark served in the military for 20 years. That experience taught him the value of proper communication. He feels confident in his ability to communicate in ways that will resonate with others effectively. Even in challenging situations, Mark is able to articulate his thoughts and contribute to productive, meaningful discussion.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Mark has a passion for sharing the story of the pork industry and telling others about how their food is raised. He knows it is important for consumers to become knowledgeable about the food supply chain. He enjoys telling the story of pigs and the pork industry. He hopes to become a strong voice for the industry and strives to do everything he can to help pork producers.

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