2022 State Delegate Election Process

State Delegate Election Process for delegates to the 2022 National Pork Producers (Pork Act) Delegate Body

Important Due Dates

30 Days IN ADVANCE of Your State Election
  • Exhibit A: Election Plan
  • Exhibit B: A copy of your proposed Public Notice
  • Both Exhibit A and Exhibit B must be reviewed and approved by the National Pork Board prior to posting the Public Notice; please allow 5 days.
14 Days AFTER Your State Election
  • Form AD755: National Pork Producers Delegate Body Form. Please have delegates fill out the AD755 forms at the time of election.
  • Form LPS 35: Nomination of Pork Producers or Importers. States complete at the time of the election.
  • Exhibit K: Election Certification

State Delegate Form Upload

January 31, 2021: Final 2022 Delegates Allowed for Your State
  • 2022 Projected Delegates: Based on the trailing 12 months of Pork Checkoff receipts from 10/1/2019 – 9/30/2020 and are preliminary numbers for delegates allowed by each state.
  • If you need an actual delegate number prior to approval at the Pork Forum delegate meeting (March 3-5, 2021), please contact Scott Smith at ssmith@pork.org.
August 15, 2021: 2022 Deadline
  • States must have ALL delegate forms uploaded to the National Pork Board


  • The USDA/AMS continues to be concerned about increasing producer participation in the delegate election events. Every effort must be put forth to include the maximum number of producers possible for the election events.
  • Delegate Diversity: USDA/AMS and the National Pork Board appreciate your cooperation in encouraging greater participation by women and minorities in the process of electing producer delegates. Special outreach is required to ensure the broad diversity of pork producers are involved in voting or serving as a delegate. If you know of any persons or organizations that represent minorities, or may have a way to contact them, we ask that you forward your public notice to them for posting.

2022 Pork Act Delegate Procedures Manual

Questions? Please email dackley@pork.org or call Denise Ackley at 515-223-2763.