Alan Eck, Maryland


Alan Eck is a first-generation wean-to-finish, heritage breed pork producer from Henderson, Maryland. He markets 1,800 head each year. His farm includes 430 acres of corn, wheat, barley and soybeans, along with hay and straw. Eck also volunteers with 4-H, his church, the Young Farmers Program and LEAD Maryland, which is dedicated to identifying and developing leadership to serve agriculture, natural resources and rural communities.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Alan Eck has a diverse agricultural background with experience raising multiple livestock species and crops. He demonstrates his passion with animal wellbeing practices, and understands customers want to know they share values with those who produce their food.

We Care®

Eck believes the most important We Care® ethical principle is animal well-being, and the most challenging is people. He likes to share with the public his understanding of and commitment to the best animal husbandry skills as they align with the ethical principles.


Eck has leadership experience from his local 4-H group. One member of the nominating committee says he can think on his feet and is able to redirect conversations if needed. In conflict, his natural reaction is to consider the evidence of all perspectives before responding.


When prompted with a question Eck seeks to understand fully before answering or deciding. He wants to consider the history of the situation, if appropriate, define variables and write out responses. He is honest when he doesn’t know answers but comes prepared with questions and will do his homework on unknown topics.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Eck believes the pork industry and the National Pork Board are ready to blaze trails to better the industry. He is excited to talk about his operation and to make connections with producers from neighboring states. He says there is no end to the work and opportunities, and he is thankful consumers have food choices.

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