Brett Rutledge, Colorado


Mr. Brett Rutledge owns and operates Triple R Farms with his brother, Roc, and sister, Spring. Triple R Farms is a feeder pig-to-finish farm near Yuma, Colorado, that contract finishes for Smithfield. Triple R Farms markets 11,000 hogs annually and also raises cattle, corn, hard white winter wheat and organic blue corn. They additionally compost animal mortalities and use the compost to increase the organic matter of their soils. Rutledge is a former president of Colorado Pork Producers Council and has been a Pork All-American. Additionally, he is a member of multiple other commodity group associations in Colorado. He serves on the Colorado Ag Commission and is a local 4-H leader.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Mr. Brett Rutledge believes it is the National Pork Board’s responsibility to provide consumers assurance of the health and safety of U.S. pork. He’s also a proponent of communicating the industry’s emphasis on animal health and the integration of technology to accomplish all these goals and improve production efficiency and animal care.

We CareSM Ethical Principles

The We Care ethical principles are very important to Brett and his farm. He thoroughly checks his pigs daily to ensure they receive the highest levels of care. He also emphasizes environmental sustainability on his farm. He recognizes sustainability as the greatest challenge among the We Care principles, but knows it is critical to the industry’s future.

Leadership Skills

Brett has a wealth of valuable leadership experience — including as a local 4-H leader — that has prepared him to lead at the National Pork Board. He has served as a spokesperson on behalf of the Colorado agriculture industry organizations and collaborated with the Colorado Ag Commission to advocate for farmers in his state. He is a level-headed leader, always looking out for the best interest of the group.

Communication Skills

Brett is an effective communicator. He has a knack for learning from past experiences and applying new knowledge in subsequent communication efforts. He integrates positive reinforcement into conversations to encourage those around him and is open and transparent in his communication.
Brett expresses himself well and communicates key themes and ideas with clarity and effectiveness.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Brett is committed to the pork industry and has a passion for being involved and contributing to the industry. He believes in the pork industry’s forward-thinking spirit, and he wants to be a part of evolving and continuously improving the industry. He shares the passion of other pork producers and is dedicated to moving the pork industry forward.

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