Deborah Ballance

Deborah BallanceFremont, North Carolina
Second Term Incumbent

Deborah Ballance owns and operates Legacy Farms, a farrow-to-finish hog operation near Fremont, North Carolina. Legacy Farms markets 30,000 hogs annually and also raises cattle, corn, soybeans, and hay. 

Ballance is a member of the North Carolina Pork Council and the NC Farm Bureau County board. She has held multiple past committee seats and is currently a board member for the National Pork Board.  

Why are you interested in serving on the National Pork Board?

I would like to serve a second term on the board because the first term has been so rewarding. Exposure to the complexities of the pork industry on the national level and the opportunity to play a role in determining the needs and uses of pork checkoff dollars is a responsibility I take seriously in order to have a positive impact for all producers.

What are the biggest challenges you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

I think one if not the biggest challenge facing the pork industry in the United States is keeping foreign animal disease out of the United States and managing our response if it enters the country. We need to prepare and continue working on a vaccine for ASF.

Another challenge I see is making sure we have the markets we need for all the pork that we are producing and projected to produce over the next few years.

What opportunities do you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

I see the opportunity for the pork industry in the Unites States to supply the world with pork due to the impact of ASF.

I see that National Pork Board is guiding the industry to work with retailers, restaurants, and food service to show consumers what a wonderful story the pork producers have to tell on sustainability and nutrition.

I believe there is opportunity for engagement with consumers to make pork their go to protein because we can adapt to the products or convenience they are seeking.

If elected, how will you be a positive influence for the pork industry? 

This is a great industry with great producers all across the country. I’d like to bring a positive attitude, forward thinking and respect for the producers to the board to meet the needs of producers now and in the future

Do you have any final thoughts or observations to share?

I think National Pork Board has made a good business decision to restructure the way it operates to be more agile and engaged with consumers which thereby makes it more effective for producers.

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