John Scanga

John Scanga – Loveland, Colorado

John Scanga is owner, manager, and operator of 4S Farms in Loveland, Colorado, and markets 12 pigs annually. 4S Farms is a wean-to-finish operation that focuses on raising and exhibiting market barrows and gilts and developing breeding gilts for the show pig industry. Scanga also raises horses, corn and alfalfa.

Scanga is active in the Colorado Pork Producer Council and the Colorado Junior Swine Association. He is also serving on the Weld County Fair Board, the Colorado Beef Council, and the American Meat Science Association.

Why are you interested in serving on the National Pork Board?

I am a strong proponent of producer checkoff programs and having served on the Colorado Pork Producer’s Council, I have had the opportunity to direct the use of those funds towards consumer education, pork promotion and research to the benefit of the Colorado pork industry.  Having an opportunity to serve on the National Pork Board would provide a larger, more impactful platform from which my ideas, efforts, and passion for animal protein production can be shared with producers and consumers of pork.

What are the biggest challenges you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

At the risk of being a broken record, everyone in the global pork industry is working and praying that we can keep African Swine Fever out of the U.S. swine herd.  I believe our industry is well positioned such that the risk of a disease occurrence or outbreak is low, as the disease continues to spread globally, many believe it is only a matter of time.  Outside of a major market disruption such as ASF, the U.S. pork industry will continue to be challenged to produce safe, affordable and sustainable protein.  There will be constant pressure on environmental impacts, air and water quality and animal welfare and more pressing will be the need for the industry to share their messages on the benefits of the industry, the improvements made in environmental stewardship and to promote the power of pork protein in the human diet.

What opportunities do you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

International demand for protein, specifically pork as the most abundantly consumed meat globally will provide the U.S. pork industry opportunity to grow pork exports to unprecedented levels.  The opportunity for continued export growth, reduced tariffs, and increased international demand will provide strong market support to the industry.  Domestically, I see the pork industry leading the advancement of farm biosecurity practices, feed, and ingredient testing protocols and vaccine development.  The global demand for protein will continue to increase and the U.S. pork industry is well prepared to meet this demand with a high quality, safe and affordable source of nutrient dense protein.  I also am optimistic that consumers are becoming more centered in their thinking and that radical and activist messaging is becoming less impactful.  This will lead to a more favorable environment in which factual and rational discussions can occur and will bring consumers closer to the pork industry and to the practices and methods through which their food is being supplied.

If elected, how will you be a positive influence for the pork industry?

I believe my experience on other elected and appointed boards, along with my educational and industry background provides a complementary skill set that will bring innovative ideas and leadership to the pork industry.  My research experience and scientific background will be beneficial in committee work in identifying research needs and priorities and my ability to communicate in both written and verbal formats to a broad audience, from the most technical to the least experienced, will aid in sharing the message of the U.S. pork industry and the benefits of producer checkoff programs.

Do you have any final thoughts or observations to share?

I have a strong passion for agriculture, the people, the animals, and the business.  There is no better industry to be affiliated with and no more noble cause to serve that feeding a growing global population.  My entire professional career has centered around supporting and helping others in agriculture, primarily as a technical resource, but also as a parent, volunteer, board member and advisor.  From our local FFA chapter, Weld County Fair Board, Colorado Junior Swine Association, Colorado Pork Producers Council and American Meat Science Association, I have sought out opportunities to lend assistance to others and lead organizations that promote agriculture, support youth development and further the production of protein based foods.  I look forward to this next opportunity to serve on the National Pork Board.

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