Mike Salter

Mike Salter – Black Creek, Wisconsin

Mike Salter is the owner and operator of a feeder-to-finish farm that markets 10 pigs annually. He also raises corn and soybeans.

Salter held positions as president, vice president, and treasurer for the Wisconsin Pork Board. He also is involved in his county’s pork board, fair, livestock committee and farm bureau. Salter is active with his local fire department and is an Operation Main Street speaker.

Why are you interested in serving on the National Pork Board?

I have been active in Wisconsin Pork Association for many years and now that I am retiring from that board, I would like to continue to serve the pork industry. I have time and experience to serve on the National Pork Board and would appreciate the opportunity.

What are the biggest challenges you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

Some of the biggest problems facing us are the general public’s opinion that they get off of the news medias. Our challenge is to inform them and keep informing them that we are doing the right things following the right procedures incorporating the we care practices.

What opportunities do you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

Our opportunity is to keep a good healthy product and keep improving the quality of the meat trying to get more consistent product so that the customers get the same meal every time they try it. Another opportunity is staying abreast of Facebook, Twitter and communications networks that we are putting out the proper word.

If elected, how will you be a positive influence for the pork industry?

It’s hard to say how it can be positive with the changing world so fast – but my strength is in that I listen and try to come up with the best solution to the problems and making sure that we look at all sides of the problems or opportunities. I do have a positive attitude toward this swine industry and I will always have a positive attitude. I must be doing something right for Wisconsin pork Association for years I’ve been on the board.

Do you have any final thoughts or observations to share?

It would be an honor to be on the board and I would do my best to keep the board going forward and keep in the pork industry the number one industry for producing tasty protein.

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