Pat Bane, Illinois


Mr. Pat Bane is co-owner and manager of Bane Family Pork, a 3,000-sow farrow-to-wean farm that markets 72,000 hogs annually. Bane Family Pork is located near Arrowsmith, Illinois. They also raise corn, soybeans and hay. Bane has been involved with various local level events through McLean County Pork Producers Association and state-level events through Illinois Pork Producers Association. As the 2018 America’s Pig Farmer of the Year, Bane has served in various capacities as an advocate for the pork industry around the country. He is very active in Illinois Farm Bureau activities and committees and various local organizations.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Mr. Pat Bane is very knowledgeable about and experienced in various aspects of the pork industry. He understands the importance of innovation and applying technology to overcome challenges like animal health issues and disease. He believes the National Pork Board’s role within the industry is to move technology forward with an emphasis on outreach and communication with producers. Pat has a great interest in the comfort of pigs and caring for the people in the industry.

We CareSM Ethical Principles

Pat takes the We Care ethical principles seriously. He embodies them every day in his life and work on his farm. Pat sees a significant role for the National Pork Board in communicating important issues to producers and consumers through many different platforms. He sees that effort culminating in communication that can foster improved public trust, especially on the local community level.

Leadership Skills

Pat has a variety of leadership experiences. Quick to think of other team members when working in collaborative environments, Pat works to enable others to contribute best to the greater good. He is continually improving and working to hone his leadership skills while developing the same skills in others. When conflict arises in a group, he strives to build trust within the team, understand team members’ challenges and positions, then work toward solutions. He listens first, then works to solve problems.

Communication Skills

As 2018 Pig Farmer of the Year, Pat has spoken to many groups and refined his communication to be more effective and impactful. He understands the importance of communicating with consumers. When an issue arises, he assumes a leadership role to help forge a path forward while effectively communicating goals and outcomes to everyone involved.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Pat is passionate about the pork industry and wants to contribute more of his time and efforts to advance and evolve the industry through strong communication and new connections with consumers.

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