Todd Erickson

Todd Erickson – Northwood, North Dakota
Second Term Incumbent

Todd Erickson is the general manager of North Dakota Sow Cooperative Management, LLC, a 12,500 sow farrow-to-wean farm that markets 340,000 pigs annually.

Erickson is active in the North Dakota Pork Council and served on the board from 2003 to 2012, including roles as president and vice president. He is a graduate of the Pork Leadership Academy. Erickson is a current member of the National Pork board of directors and was on multiple National Pork Board committees.

Why are you interested in serving on the National Pork Board?

I have served one term on the National Pork Board and have learned a lot about our industry. I would cherish the opportunity to serve a second term. The Board of Directors has made many changes to how the National Pork Board operates. I believe we are spending Checkoff dollars in ways that benefit all producers. I would like to help see these changes through to the end when Checkoff 4.0 becomes a reality.

What are the biggest challenges you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

Staying profitable. We are operating in a global marketplace. With threats of foreign animal disease and trade interruptions, everything we do has global impacts. Our industry needs to work every day to keep our sow heard healthy. When we are successful our product will be in demand both domestically and internationally.

What opportunities do you see facing the pork industry in the next 3 years?

Recruiting and retaining new talent to our industry. By this, I mean both employees and friends of our industry. When we ask our producers, many have needs for employees. By working with high school students we will be able to help fill the labor gap. Opening our farms to consumers via social media we are gaining advocates that help us tell our positive story.

If elected, how will you be a positive influence for the pork industry?

I proudly carry the positive message of pork production. I pledge my time to be an effective Board member and donate my time where needed for the advancement of al producers. It is awesome serving on a board with other producers that volunteer their time.

Do you have any final thoughts or observations to share?

I want to thank everyone for their support as my first term ends. It would be my honor to serve a second term alongside producers from around the United States. I would appreciate your consideration for a second term on the National Pork Board.

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