2019 Pork Act Manual Content

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Tab 1 Current National Pork Board Members
Award Recipients
Tab 2 Forum General Information/Schedule of Events
Detailed Agenda
Tab 3 Appointees
Tab 4 Proposed Standing Rules & Meeting Procedures
Tab 5 Pork Act Delegates/Shares
Tab 6 News Release
Tab 7 Nominating Committee Report
Tab 8 2019 Resolutions & Advisements
Tab 9 2018 Resolutions/Advisements Update
Tab 10 Industry Committee List
Committee Interest/Industry Positions Form
Tab 11 Pork Act Delegate Voting Results Worksheet
Tab 12 We Care Exercise
Tab 13 2020 Allocation of Delegates by State
Tab 14 Pork Act Delegate Expense Report Form
Tab 15 Appendix
2018 Pork Act Delegate Meeting Minutes
Bylaws of Pork Act Delegate Body
State Checkoff Funding
2019 Financial Budget