Jeremy Burkett, Wyoming


Jeremy Burkett is the operator of a farrow-to-feeder farm at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming, that markets 25 pigs annually for 4-H and FFA projects. Jeremy is a full-time professor of animal sciences at Casper College where he teaches and conducts research, with an emphasis on animal science and meat science. Burkett was the Natrona County Fair swine superintendent since (2016-2021), a U.S. Pork Center of Excellence board member (2017-2021) and on the board of directors for the Wyoming Pork Producers Council (2015-2021), while being a state executive (2017-2021). He is currently a National Pork Board (NPB) member, Casper College livestock judging coach and a Wyoming 4-H leader.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Jeremy Burkett believes NPB should continue focusing Checkoff dollars on key areas that affect producers and the overall industry. He seeks to develop innovative ideas for sustainability to protect producers’ license to operate and to promote pork. He wants to identify threats and risks related to foreign animal disease prevention and to use tools such as AgView, along with knowledge from the Swine Health Information Center and the Swine Health Improvement Plan for the best possible preparation.

We Care®

Burkett championed consumer trust and producer priorities related to We Care® in his year of service on NBP. He particularly enjoys the science, research and human nutrition aspects of the industry. In his work at Casper College, he provides students with practical experience related to animal health and environmental stewardship that they can use after graduation.


Burkett has been involved in the pork industry since a young age, with a strong background in show stock. As an educator, Burkett has a passion for developing young people, while recruiting and encouraging them to pursue future agricultural roles.


Like giving reasons during meats or livestock judging, Burkett can be firm on his informed decision, and defend that position with evidence. His teaching and coaching background offers him experience speaking in front of a classroom of students, and he has and will continue to use these skills to keep communication at the forefront when serving producers.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

In his past term, he learned the responsibilities of a director and the specifics of the Pork Act and Order, but he is eager to learn more. He says the past term was eye-opening, and he has developed skills to navigate problems. His rewards are serving producers and allocating the Checkoff dollars responsibly to benefit the value of U.S. pork.

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