Jeremy Burkett, Wyoming


Jeremy Burkett is the operator of a farrow-to-feeder farm at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming, that markets 25 pigs annually for 4-H and FFA projects. Jeremy is a full time professor of Animal Sciences at Casper College where he teaches and conducts research, with an emphasis on animal science and meat science. Burkett has been active as the Natrona County Fair swine superintendent since 2016. He also is a U.S. Pork Center of Excellence board member, a Wyoming Pork Producers Council state executive and on the board of directors for the Wyoming Pork Producers Council. In addition, he is a Casper College livestock judging coach and a Wyoming 4-H youth leader.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Mr. Jeremy Burkett is a strong believer in the value of technology to the pork industry, namely improving its overall environmental sustainability in the future. He believes that National Pork Board should be a leader in leveraging technology to better communicate with producers about essential topics in the industry. As a professor and livestock judging coach at Casper College, he brings an educational perspective and understands the importance of keeping producers well-informed.

We CareSM Ethical Principles

Jeremy is focused on all the We Care principles, especially reaching out to the community and caring for the environment. In his work at Casper College, he provides students practical experience they can one day apply as members of the pork industry. His background and expertise in education make Jeremy uniquely qualified to contribute to National Pork Board educational efforts, especially in communicating the industry’s story to consumers.

Leadership Skills

Jeremy is an experienced leader with strengths in assembling teams around common goals and drawing upon team members’ strengths in achieving goals. He is outgoing and brings a positive attitude to a team. Jeremy believes that passion on all sides of an issue brings out healthy discussion and contributes great ideas toward accomplishing a common goal.

Communication Skills

As an educator, Jeremy understands communication on a deep level. He has a lot of experience collaborating with and unifying large groups of team members and uses various communication strategies and methods to convey his message best. He is always looking to learn and broaden his perspective on and experience with different topics.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Jeremy has been involved in the pork industry since a young age. Through his work in both the pork industry and education, he has developed a strong understanding of all sides of the industry. He also has a passion for developing young people into future agricultural leaders. He is committed to this industry and looking forward to contributing his knowledge and experience to the National Pork Board.

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