Chad Groves, Kansas


Based in Shawnee, Kansas, Chad Groves is the senior vice president of sales and marketing for Seaboard Foods, an integrated processor marketing 7.2 million hogs annually from its 330,000 sows. Seaboard Foods markets and sells pork for Triumph Foods and Seaboard Triumph Foods. Groves uses change leadership and transparency when working with over 80 employees.

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Chad Groves believes center of the plate is king and has a diverse background in sales, marketing and business for food, including pork. In his current role with Seaboard Foods, he leads a team to market a premium product to their customers.

We Care®

Groves wants to use the We Care® Ethical Principles to build public trust in the supply chain. He wants to share how Seaboard Foods is reducing its carbon footprint by capturing methane. He exemplifies how the employees are faces of the business, and their communities are the places they care for through donations and volunteer hours.


Groves has used leadership in many roles in his career and has led teams through tough decisions. He aligns the focus and variables of his teams, even if they are split internally, to collaboratively produce a meaningful outcome. He has led his teams in the sometimes-challenging aftermath of decisions.


Groves started his leadership role with Seaboard Foods in July 2021, which means he transitioned, onboarded, became acquainted with colleagues and propelled change in the sales department in a short time. He is professional, confident and well-spoken about the industry.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

Pork producers pay into Pork Checkoff, and Groves wants to ensure all producers, including Seaboard Foods, receive a return on that investment. To do this, he meets with NPB staff to connect on industry trends to better Seaboard Foods’ business initiatives.

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