Daniel Tubbs, Alabama


Daniel Tubbs is a niche producer from Oakman, Alabama, marketing 300 pigs per year. His farm also produces 500 acres of hay and raises cattle and feeder calves. He has been involved in the Alabama Pork Producers Association since 2016, holding the chairman position since 2019. Tubbs also participated in the Alabama Farmers Federation Leadership Program (2016-2018).

Nominating Committee Comments

Industry Knowledge

Daniel Tubbs follows Pork Quality Assurance® Plus and Transport Quality Assurance® guidelines within his daily responsibilities on his operation. His forward-thinking mentality fosters research, specifically with animal health. Tubbs believes NPB can help promote and provide information about sustainability-focused technology to producers.

We Care®

Tubbs knows animal wellbeing is a We Care® ethical principle and needs to be monitored. He has worked with Validus as an auditor. Tubbs believes environment is the most challenging principle; not the action but talking about it to producers and consumers so they understand. While all the principles are vital to the industry, he believes food safety is the most important.


Tubbs has served as chairman for Alabama Pork Producers Association and has been president of his local cattleman’s organization. He promotes healthy protein to consumers and highlights the scholarship program to youth.


Tubbs believes that the “small guy needs a voice” and wants to be that representative. He is a straightforward communicator and interested in representing and growing production in Alabama. He follows steps to understand needed information and acts appropriately.

Attitude, Passion and Commitment

The most exciting part about the industry is watching the pigs grow through each phase and shipping the high-quality product out the door. His favorite part is when neighbors or customers say his pork is the best.

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